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Question Of The Day

There are 95 girls and 87 boys in Year 12 at a school. One girl is to be chosen for the role of Head Girl. A different girl is to be chosen for Deputy Head Girl. One boy is to be chosen for Head Boy. A different boy is to be chosen for the role of Deputy Head Boy....

90 Days Left

There are 90 days left until the first GCSE Maths Exam. Remember cramming never works. Start a revision diary and do at least 20 minutes each day.

Question Of The Day

What is the formula for calculating the exterior angle of a regular polygon? Answer to yesterday's question (n-2) x 180 where n represents the number of sides the polygon...


Published data form the Joint Council for Qualifications has revealed that summer entries for June 2018 for students aged 17 plus taking GCSE maths only 22.7% achieved a grade 4 or higher - down 14.3% compared with 2017. For candidates of all ages across the UK, the...

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