The most common question that we are asked by students in relation to maths revision is “How do I revise maths?” We believe that the best way to revise maths is by practicing. From our experience the students who perform best in exams continually practice questions which they find difficult and they will naturally improve over time. We also strongly advise students to present their work in a neat, logical and coherent order that can be followed and understood by an examiner and once again this requires practice.

Easter Revision

We offer revision sessions during Easter and Half-term, which is geared to helping students gain confidence, so that they get the best results in their exams. In these sessions we cover the key areas of the new Maths syllabus, including exam technique, problem solving and exam paper practice. Our Maths revision sessions are well structured and occur over 3 days.

Revision Guides

Grade 3 Revision Guide

Grade 4 Revision Guide

Grade 4-5 Revision Guide

Grade 6-7 Revision Guide

Grade 8-9 Revision Guide

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